Pressroom Consumables



           Universal Graphic Solutions is your company of choice for a broad range of pressroom consumable items. We stock a large inventory of Ink Foil Liners, Wash-up Rolls, Anti Marking Jackets, Anti-skin Sprays, Silicon Sprays and hundreds of other items to keep your pressroom running smoothly. Ordering is easy and many items are kept in stock for immediate shipment.



Dry Wash-up Rolls

We carry a complete line of dry wash-up rolls in both blue and white fabric. Our standard ABC is strong, solvent resistant, non-linting, super absorbent, non stretching and extremely consistent. Our White fabric is a specialized crushed fabric that allows more yardage per roll. This means less roll changes and more valuable press time gained. We can custom produce rolls for your hard to find or rare press size if needed.



Pre-Saturated Rolls

We have two types of pre-saturated blanket wash-up rolls. We carry the Fiberweb ® Elixir brand product which contains fully synthetic material. This means NO wood pulp, reducing the potential for lint left on the blanket after the cleaning cycle. We also carry a new design roll that has the solvent package separate from the wash-up roll. The roll stays dry and is saturated just prior to mounting on your press. This allows you to custom tailor how much solvent is applied before the roll is installed and avoids any uneven settling of the solvent, if the package has been sitting in your pressroom for an extended period of time. 



Ink Foil Liners

We carry an extensive inventory of Ink Fountain Liners for Heidelberg presses. We have most sizes in stock in both standard gauge and thicker gauge for UV ink applications.