Pressroom Chemicals


            Pressroom Chemistry is one of our specialties at UGS. We offer complete pressroom chemistry audits and offer various solutions to fit your pressroom needs. We carry most major brands of products, including some top notch products of our own. Inquire about your pressroom chemistry needs.




Fountain Solutions

UGS Zenith 1-Step Fount

We currently recommend the UGS Zenith 1-Step for most sheet-fed press applications. It offers unmatched wetting ability to reduce surface tension 33 dynes and provide razor sharp reverses, cleaner screens, improved ink trapping and denser solids. UGS Zenith 1-Step also provides increased gum and desensitizer content to ensure faster start-ups and less waste, as well as less plate sensitivity on longer press runs. This solution was developed through years of testing and tweaking to its current form. No solution can match its dual buffering system that provides the ultimate in pH control and consistency.


Allied Quick LF-AR-1 Step Fount

We commonly recommend the Allied LF-AR 1-Step as an older alternative to the UGS Zenith 1-Step solution. We have sold more of this solution in the last 8 years than any other. Based on the tried and true Allied Allstar 1-Step solution, the Allied LF-AR 1-Step has excellent wetting and very sharp print characteristics all in a single step solution with low dosage requirements.


Pressroom Washes

We carry most major brands of press washes and can provide Baldwin and Fogra approved products for automatic wash systems.


Conventional Washes

Tower Tech Wash is a 25% water miscible wash, clear in color with a low odor and good ink cutting ability. With a more economical price it is quickly becoming our customer’s wash of choice for a good high quality product with lower odor characteristics. Tower IP Wash is Baldwin and Fogra approved and provides a higher dry speed than most water miscible washes. It is recommended for older Baldwin automatic wash-up systems where faster dry speed is needed. Tower Infinity Wash is similar in property to the IP wash, but has a slightly slower dry speed for newer Baldwin automatic wash systems. If you are getting wear on the lower edge of your blankets from your wash-up system or skipping with your wash-rolls the Tower Infinity Wash is a great alternative. Tower Star Wash provides an excellent ink cutting ability and is made for solvent recovery systems. It is 30% water miscible, provides a flashpoint over 142 degrees and is well suited for older wash-up systems.

UV Washes

Allied UV A Wash is an extremely effective wash for UV ink removal, yet is easy on blanket and roller surfaces. It is designed to work in automatic wash-up systems and has a lower odor than the majority of UV Washes. Allied Hybrid Wash provides an excellent Hybrid ink cutting ability but will also effectively remove both conventional and full UV inks as well. It is low odor and safe on buna-nitrile rubber. Varn UV Safety Wash is an excellent low odor all around UV wash that has excellent ink cutting ability, can be used in all automatic wash systems. Tower California Wash is a very low odor, high flash point (106F) wash that is approved by Baldwin, Bottcher and Rotadyne and will not damage EPDM rollers.

Meter Roll Cleaners

Allied MRC-ANC is an extremely versatile meter roller cleaner with excellent ink cutting ability and very fast drying. It is priced right and the most effective MRC we have with our product line. Allied MRC-ANC is by far our most popular MRC product. Allied MRC-88 is a lower vapor pressure meter roller cleaner that still retains excellent ink cutting properties and lower odor than traditional MRC products. It is an all around great product and highly recommended when odor is an issue in your pressroom.